Panel Sessions & Workshops

Main Auditorium (Chablis, Exhibition Floor)
Saturday, 14th April 2018; Novotel London West

Cryptocurrency Investing in 2018 and Beyond

Dylan Leighton & Matt Starkey, Promo-Steem
Michael Hudson, CEO Bitstocks
David Powell, Chief Operating Officer, VRBex
George Mcdonaugh, CEO Kryptonite1
Linda Leaney, CFO, Globcoin
9:30AM - 10:45AM
Dylan Leighton The London Cryptocurrency Show 2018

Dylan Leighton

Michael Hudson Bitstocks The London Cryptocurrency Show 2018

Michael Hudson

David Powell VRBex The London Cryptocurrency Show 2018

David Powell

Linda Leaney The London Cryptocurrency Show 2018

Linda Leaney

  • Why cryptocurrency growth exploded in 2017 and what will happen in 2018
  • 5 Reasons cryptocurrencies are here to stay (Michael Hudson)
  • Is Bitcoin the new Gold?
  • How to comparison-shop cryptocurrencies
  • 3 Warning signs a cryptocurrency is about to fail or won’t take-off
  • Practical considerations of holding cryptocurrency securely

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