The CryptoCurrency Theatre (Bourg, Exhibition Floor)
Friday, 25th October 2019; Novotel London West

Welcome to the The CryptoCurrency Theatre where you'll find ample choice of panel sessions and crypto workshops to attend during the day.

9:45 AM

Maximising your crypto profits – keeping the tax man out

Speaker: Ben Symons, Barrister, Field & Court Chambers

Attend this seminar by prominent barrister, Ben Symons, and you will learn

  1. When are cryptocurrency gains tax-free “gambling” profits?
  2. When are cryptocurrency gains trading profits?
  3. When are cryptocurrency gains an investment subject to capital gains tax?
  4. When might a cryptocurrency loss be a trading loss rather than a capital loss?
  5. Capital gains tax and inheritance tax consequences of cryptocurrency gains for non-domiciled individuals?
  6. Tax implications in relation to offshore cryptocurrency funds.

11:45 AM

The Irony of Banking and Compliance In Crypto and How It Stifled Growth

Speaker: Ben Sebley

12:30 PM

Crypto Trending

Speaker: Zia Word
Join Zia as she explains what trends to get ahead of, and why going against trends can be valuable. Zia also looks at what data to consider before making decisions

1:15 PM

How to Make Money Trading Cryptocurrencies

Speaker: Glen Goodman
Former BBC & ITV Business Correspondent Glen Goodman explains some of the key lessons from his bestselling book The Crypto Trader. Glen publicly called the top of the market in December 2017 and took his profits before the crash.

  • How to make big profits AND how not to lose them again.
  • Why 2019 has been one of the best years for profiting in crypto.
  • How to find the most promising cryptos to buy.
  • How to pinpoint the best buying points.
  • When to sell Managing risk

2:50 PM

Title: Cryptocurrency Investing - An Overview - A genuine asset class for investors?

Chaired by: Sam Burrell (Principal, NKB Ventures)
Your Panel: Ahmed Ismail (HAYVN), Glen Goodman, Iqbal V Gandham (eToro), Nish Kotecha (Finboot)