The London CryptoCurrency Show 2019

Welcome to the London CryptoCurrency Show

  • Gain valuable new insight and education

    Recent massive demand for crypto currencies such as Bitcoin has pushed prices very high over a very short space of time.  Many in the industry believe the underlying developments of blockchain technology (the platforms which allow cryptocurrency to operate) are here to stay.

    There are numerous future applications in the business world, as well as the new opportunity for companies to raise new funds through Initial Coin Offerings (ICO’s), or ‘tokens’, provide today’s investors with a new dawn for building wealth. Attend the London CryptoCurrency Show and gain valuable new insight and education into this area, and connect with the industry insiders and market participants.

  • Important things you will learn:

    1. Learn how to invest in cryptocurrency - what are the risks and rewards?
    2. How to actually invest and trade in cryptocurrency - direct ownership and/or other options
    3. Investing in ICO’s - risks and rewards
    4. Regulation – what protection is in place?
    5. Meet new investment opportunities - meet the company founders/directors, face-to- face
    6. Where to learn more - mentor training courses, clubs, networks
  • A deeper understanding of this exciting new asset class

    Leave the London CryptoCurrency Show with a deeper understanding of this exciting new asset class and how you can profit.

    Learn more about:

    • Cryptocurrency Investment
    • Blockchain & ICO Investment
    • Ways to Trade Crypto
    • Further education, tools and service providers
  • Cryptocurrency Investment

    How to value a Cryptocurrency
    How to buy, sell - or mine your own cryptocurrency
    How to set up your own safe bank for crypto deposits
    How to trade crypto pairs - analysis and strategies

  • Blockchain & ICO Investment

    What is it, and why do companies choose this method of fundraising?
    Advantages and risks for investors, like you, to be aware of
    Latest ICOs coming to market and how to value
  • Ways to Trade Crypto

    Crypto Exchanges
    CFDs, ETFs, Funds and other broker instruments for taking trading positions
    Crypto clubs and networks
  • Further education, tools and service providers

    Courses and mentors
    Software and charting packages and websites
    Premium trading groups

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